Supporting Patients

Romanian patients have important unmet health needs.

At Totem, we focus on understanding how healthcare services and medical treatments can better respond to these needs and be reshaped for the future. We advocate for patient-centered medical services that combine education with modern treatments and technologies.

We partner with pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals and currently provide support programs for patients with 30 different diseases in 14 therapeutic areas. Through our services, we offer personalized education to patients regarding disease and treatment options, navigation support, and practical services related to disease monitoring, prescription renewals, and treatment administration.

Our services range from organizing large-scale scientific events to creating digital platforms, educational materials, movies, and conducting population research. We combine different areas of expertise and competencies within our company to provide customized solutions and deliver expected results.

We are proud to be a preferred supplier for specific medical societies in Romania. This selection honors us and motivates us to continue delivering excellence and innovative solutions to the local market

Our services include:

Educational calls
Nurse home visits
Educational group sessions
Patient digital platforms

(including text & video content and useful tools)

Digital apps
Educational printed and support materials
Psychological counselling sessions
Patients' schedule to medical appointments
Support for medical investigations

(vouchers) or treatment administration (in partnership with medical facilities)

Screening caravans
Remote patient monitoring tools
SMS reminders
Other support services