Services for pharmaceutical companies

Massive changes — shifting consumer behaviors, breakthroughs in digital health, changing regulations, the new era of personalized care —are transforming health care. We team up with pharmaceutical companies supporting them to outperform and innovate across the industry. By delivering both strategical planning and practical solutions to everyday challenges, we help accelerating innovation, advancing digital transformation and optimize capabilities in a fast-changing environment.

Business consulting

Support in the development of business strategies and implementing effective solutions to achieve business objectives

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Sales and omnichannel marketing

Winning companies don’t just pay lip service to customer experience; they sell and market their products in a manner that is tailored to their customers’ needs. Traditional approaches have reached their limits, and nowadays, growth is achieved through the seamless integration of marketing and sales efforts.

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Field Force teams (outsourced and shared teams)

Inside Sales Teams (MSR – phone calls & remote detailing)

Digital (digital platforms, digital applications, e-mailing, mobile communication)

Events (workshops, symposia, webcasts, participation in National Conferences)

Medical affairs & patient support

Support in communicating scientific and clinical information to the medical community, as well as in complementing scientific excellence with valuable patient support services, for better long-term disease management.

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Marketing and Medical Strategies (product launch in all product life stages, strategies development, product management)

Medical events (advisory boards, scientific events)

Access to medical care & medication (medical investigations support, patient hotlines, emergency channel)

Commercial & distribution activities

Totem can act as a local WHS, being authorized for medical drugs & medical devices distribution in Romania. Specific business models may be agreed with each partner, depending on specific business needs and product profile.

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Distribution of Rx products

Distribution of medical devices

We partner with our clients to set the direction toward their most important goals and to thrive on challenges.

By bringing deep industry and functional expertise, as well as data science, technology and design, we help them to drive changes that translate into outcomes, quickly and sustainably.

Our team covers a wide range of expertise, from market access to marketing & sales strategies, from market research and data analysis to omnichannel marketing, from in-depth understanding of medical specifics and patient journey to innovative patient support solutions, from understanding the market context to sales and marketing excellence to promote brand growth.

By working in a uniquely collaborative model across the company, we provide a wide range of professional advice and tailored solutions, customized on each clients’ specific needs.