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Patient support programmes

While providing patients support programs (PSP) is not a new approach, the evolution of technology has increased the access to and potential value of these programs.

Our programs, aimed to contribute in improving quality of life for patients, help patients and families better understand the disease and its progression in order to plan and prepare for the future.

Using proven health behavior change tools and techniques, we build programs that allows a better diseases management.

Participants into the program (patients, physicians & caregivers) have access to an integrated mix of channels, including telephone calls, SMS, digital platform, F2F visits, ensuring a comprehensive and consistent interaction.

  • Multiple benefits for patients, healthcare professionals and society
    • improved patient’s health and disease prognosis
    • improved success rate of therapeutic strategy
    • increased efficiency of disease management with direct economic impact
  • Our programs aim to provide multiple benefits to patients:
    • better understanding of their disease and treatment
    • psychological support for better acceptance of disease and treatment based on prescription issued by a physician
    • our patient educational programs cover a wide continuum of care: from screening to control of disease and survivorship
  • All programs are in line with existing rules and regulations:
    • all programs are approved by ANMDM
    • high ethical standards, in line with local & European regulations (ARPIM, APMGR, etc.)
    • patients & physicians have given their express, written consents for participation into the program