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Multichannel marketing

The future is here. The customers are ready, they have already integrated new technologies and digital media into their lives. Digital physicians and patients are a reality. The impact of new technologies is high, changing customers’ behavior.

In order to be successful, pharmaceutical companies must change the game. They must shift from single to multi-channel. But sales force remains the most direct and preferred connection to healthcare professionals. Therefore, an integrated approach is essential, ensuring customers’ satisfaction regardless of the channel.

Multi-channel is a business concept, based on the integration of the channels, not simply the existence of multiple channels. It is the right solution to secure competitive advantage and drive further growth in a continuous changing pharmaceutical market.

We help you create the future by building together a successful multichannel strategy. We help you play smarter than your competitors by driving meaningful interactions; we help you identify and address unmet needs; we work with you to maximize value for your customers and drive growth. In addition, we help you play where no one will be playing, creating strong and sustainable competitive advantage. To be successful you must be different. The future is your choice.

We work with you to build multi-channel approach that allows for optimization of business model at brand level, for both existing strategy and new opportunities, in all brand life-cycles.

Totem was the first company implementing successful multi-channel marketing in local pharma market. Our objective is to create an integrated customer experience through our services:

  • Telemarketing
  • Digital
  • Customer service representatives
  • Outsourced medical sales representatives

We have more than 5 years of successful experience in multi-channel marketing, implementing more than 150 campaigns for top players on the local pharma market, covering over 25,000 healthcare professionals.

Our excellence in execution was the key driver for success. Our strengths include:

  • the team – experienced professionals that are customer oriented, flexible and adaptable to specific needs
  • the framework – state of the art facilities, integrated IT infrastructure, “out of the box” promotional materials production
  • existing capabilities – we have available in-house all required capabilities ensuring successful implementation of multi-channel projects (sales force effectiveness, marketing, communication, IT, etc)