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Business consulting & business development

Pharmaceutical business environment has been changing significantly in the past years, creating new challenges for the main players. Today a one size fits all solution is no longer working.

We team up with pharmaceutical companies helping them reinvent the business and shape the future by providing professional advice and complete tailored solutions.

We develop strategic directions, based on deep understanding of business environment and organizational client profile; we design competitive models and create business development projects to enable building competitive advantage, strengthening customer relationship and sustaining growth and reach of business objectives.

We translate deep customer insight into innovative brand strategies ensuring customer excellence; we build loyalty programs for your customers and adherence programs for your patients.

We help our customers make a difference in the market by achieving sales excellence; we develop complex sales force effectiveness programs as well as clear strategies.

We sustain our clients in designing suitable organizational structures, better aligned to business objectives; we develop consistent change management programs sustaining desired change.

It is said that “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. We sustain you in achieving excellence by designing together strategies that can be turned into successful actions.

Our expertise covers a wide range of experience, from branding to portfolio management and multi-channel marketing, from predictive analysis to strategic planning, from building capabilities to talent management and sales force effectiveness.