Totem was founded in 2003 by a team of professionals, bringing on local market an unique concept, integrating market research, marketing and communication services. Its current management team has expanded the firm’s expertise to include multichannel marketing, management consulting services and patients programs.

Our values
• We are committed to our clients and their success
• We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions
• We don’t want to be just a service provider but a thrusthworthy partner
• We don’t believe in standard answers but in innovative approaches
• We always strive for excellence

Why Totem?
An unique combination of strenghts makes Totem different:
• 15 years of successful experience in pharma market
• strong partnership with all major players in pharma market
• consistent year-over-year growth
• 80 employees multidisciplinary expert team
• “in-house” capabilities for all services provided
• excellent understanding of pharma business


In this rapidly changing industry, Totem is taking a look beyond the obvious, seeking out business opportunities. Totem provides professional advice on business strategy, helping companies understand what superior value really means for their customers and deliver it, building sustainable competitive advantage. By working with our clients, we explore, develop and implement strategies to help them drive growth, prioritize investments, maintain profitability and master multi-channel, in order to achieve excellence, build new business models and maximize value. We are committed to delivering game-changing solutions based on specific customers’ needs.

Some of our clients

Totem boasts a creative and skilled team, with over 80 professionals with significant experience in the healthcare industry. Their specialization is very different, covering a lot of fields, from medical and marketing to communication, design, management, data analysis or programming.

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